D'addario Flat Tops Mandolin Strings


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  • D'addario Flat Tops Mandolin Strings
  • D'addario EFT74 Flat Tops Mandolin Strings (11-39)
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D'addario Flatwound Mandolin Strings

D'addario EFT74 Flatwound Mandolin Strings are a Flat Wound Mandolin String. The wound strings in this set are made of phosphor bronze that gives the string a warm bright tone. After manufacture, however, the strings are grounded to leave the surface semi-flat. The advantage of these semi flat strings are that finger noise is reduced and a smooth feel is left for the player to concentrate on the instrument rather than fighting against the string. You'll also get that warm mellow tone known from Flatwound strings.

D'addario EFW74 Mandolin Strings are made with a complex combination of interlocking underwindings on a hex core, this provides a foundation for a delicate outer flat (ribbon) stainless steel winding. This unique design allows the strings to vibrate freely, creating a true, clear sound and an ultra-smooth feel. Created for jazz, classical, and folk players, they deliver unparalleled comfort for playing closed position fingerings and along the fretboard.

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D'addario EFT74 2X - 11p / 15p / 26w / 39w
D'addario EFW74 2X 11p / 15p / 26w / 36w

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