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D'addario Nickel Wound Banjo Strings


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  • D'addario Nickel Wound Banjo Strings
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D'addario Nickel Banjo Strings  

The D'addario Nickel wound banjo strings are perfect for added brightness. The fourth string is wound with nickel which makes for a brighter and clearer tone that will give you great projection as you cut through the biggest ensemble you can manage. The combination of plain steel and nickel wound strings provides for a gentle tension and a fret friendly smooth feel.

D'Addario banjo strings are the trusted brand, used by legends like the Dr. himself Ralph Stanley with his famous American Bluegrass, Rob McCoury, Ron Block with his brand of alternative country music, Alison Brown with her soft bluegrass, and others. They prefer these strings due to their reliability and performance.

D'addario Nickel Banjo Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
EJ63 Loop-End 4-String Tenor 9-30 009p / 016p / 023w / 030w
EJ60 Loop-End 5-String 9-20w 009p / 010p / 013p / 20w / 009p
EJ60+ Loop-End 5-String 9.5-020w 009.5p / 011p / 013p / 020w / 009.5p
EJ61 Loop-End 5-String 10-23w 010p / 012p / 016p / 023w / 010p
EJ57 Loop-End 5-String 11-22w 011p / 012p / 013p / 022w / 011p
EJ63I Loop-End Irish 4-String Tenor 12-36 012p / 016p / 024w / 036w

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