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D'addario XL Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings


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D'addario Bass Strings

D'addario Bass Strings include a steel core with a nickel wrap which will give a lot of the fundamentals from a steel string but with the mellow sound of nickel tone. They are very easy on your fingers and most importantly, they are easy on your frets. D'Addario computer controlled precision wound delivers a bass string with excellent intonation, clear fundamentals and consistency pack after pack. Try the Bright Warm sound of the XL's on your own bass and see the difference.

Daddario Bass Strings are ideal for Rock, Blues, Country, you name it. They hold their beautiful tone over time. 

Available in a variety of Gauges, and number of strings. They come with ball ends in super light, light and medium. In all sizes from short scale to long to super long to fit any instrument string length.

Also available to order in money saving Twin-Packs Packs.

D'addario Bass Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
EXL220 Super Light 40-95 40w / 60w / 75w / 95w
EXL170 Medium 45-100 45w / 65w / 80w / 100w
EXL170-5 5-String Regular light 45-130 45w / 65w / 80w / 100w / 130w
EXL170-6 6-String Regular Light 32-130 032w / 045w / 065w / 080w / 100w / 130w
EXL165 Regular Light 45-105 45w / 65w / 85w / 105w
EXL165-5 5-String Reg Light 45-135 045w / 065w / 085w / 105w / 135w
EXL160 Medium 50-105 50w / 70w / 85w / 105w


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