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D'addario Pro Steel Bass Strings

D'addario Pro Steel Bass Strings are specially designed to deliver great overtones, with a bright warm sound that will produce punchy lows with long sustain. These strings deliver a harmonically rich and brilliant high end and a tight low end to create a tone that will cut through any mix. The D'addario Pro Steels are useful in a wide range of tonal applications but are especially good for overdrive sounds, like those in hard rock or metal.

Daddario ProSteel Bass Strings come in a variety of gauges, like the ESP170, which are the most popular steel alloy strings with punchy bright in the highs with tight lows that people that choose steel strings are after. Don't get buried in the mix, stand out and complement the rhythm section. The ESP165, a hybrid gauge set that will give you defined and biting highs and a punchy bottom end. You can also choose the flexibility of the ESP220 which work for a wide variety of playing styles than the standard bass set. Finally, you can choose the ESP160, D'addario's most popular heavy gauge strings for a stiffer sound with extra punch and volume, perfect for down tuning.

Whatever set you to choose, whether for tone, feel, style, or even budget, they'll fit instruments with a length of up to 36 7/8 inches. They are also guaranteed to give you a silky overall feel. These strings offer the greatest corrosion resistance too.

D'addario Pro Steel Bass Strings summary:

  • Wide tonal range applications
  • Bright punchy sound
  • Smooth playing
  • Options for long scale bass up to 36 7/8 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • Making Guitar Strings since 1918
  • Environmentally conscious packaging that is corrosion resistant for fresh strings every time.
  • View our full range of D'addario Strings or visit D'addario Strings's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.


Sku Description Gauges
* EPS220-5 5 5-STRING (40-125) 40w / 60w / 75w / 95w / 126w
EPS190 5-STRING Custom Light 40-125 40w / 60w / 80w / 100w
EPS300 Light Top/Medium Bottom 43-107 43w / 63w / 85w / 107w
EPS300-5 5-STRING Light Top/Medium Bottom 43-127 43w / 63w / 85w / 107w / 127w
EPS170-5 5-STRING Regular Light 45-130 45w / 65w / 80w / 100w / 130w
EPS165 Regular Light Top/Medium Bottom 45-105 45w / 65w / 85w / 105w
* EPS165-5 5 5-STRING 45-135 45w / 65w / 85w / 105w / 135w
EPS160 Medium 50-105 50w / 70w / 85w / 105w
EPS160-5 5-STRING Medium 50-135 50w / 70w / 85w / 105w / 135w
EPS230 Heavy 55-110 55w / 75w / 90w / 110w


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