Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Guitar Strings


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Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Guitar Strings

It has really been a while since a major breakthrough has happened in the industry. The new Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Guitar Strings promise to be one of the most revolutionary strings out there. The reason is the new Cobalt steel alloy. The engineers at Ernie Ball have created a combination that fulfils the 3 basic needs for a string. First, it has to have a great sound, the cobalts increases the output of your pickups due to cobalt's high magnetic response, this makes your sound more robust, with killer mids and bright highs. Second, they last for a long time. And third, the feel; cobalt feels silky smooth. Remember that if the string doesn't interfere with your inspiration, you'll always be a happier guitarist.

Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Guitar Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
2723 Super Slinky 9-42 009p / 011p / 016p / 024w / 032w / 042w
2722 Hybrid Slinky 9-46 009p / 011p / 016p / 026w / 036w / 046w
2721 Regular Slinky 10-46 010p / 013p / 017p / 026w / 036w / 046w


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