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Ernie Ball M-Steel Electric Guitar Strings


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Ernie Ball M Steel Strings

Ernie Ball M Steel Strings are one of the loudest guitar strings on the market today! The new M-Steels are made with a Maraging Steel core wire. Maragin, which is the M in the M-steel name, is a military grade steel that is used in the aerospace industry. This state of the art hex core wire is covered with Ernie Ball's patented Cobalt alloy wrap. This explosive combination makes the strings deliver their maximum volume. The strings produce rich and full tones with a powerful low end and a crisp clear high end. The special combination of alloys makes these string highly responsive and highly magnetic, augmenting the output of your pickups.

The steel in the plain steel strings is tempered to withstand a great deal of stress. Ernie ball has also made the plain steels wound around the ball in order to prevent the strings from slipping, braking and going out of tune.

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Sku Description Gauges
2923 Super Slinky 9-42 009p / 011p / 016p / 024w / 032w / 042w
2921 Regular Slinky 10-46 010p / 013p / 017p / 026w / 036w / 046w

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