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Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings


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Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings

Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings 135  have been made in Austria for years and are arguably the most popular selling Violin Strings especially with trad players.
The Dominant Strings series are Thomastik's best known violin strings and designed to mimic the feel and warmth of a gut string without the inconvenience of a string that cannot be kept in tune. Dominant violin strings are made with a multi-strand synthetic core and wound in either aluminum or chrome. 
The Dominant violin strings provide good resistance to changes in humidity or temperature and deliver long string life with sound that is delicate but clear and rich in overtones.

Thomastik Dominant Violin Strings summary:

  • One of the best selling violin strings
  • Popular with Trad players
  • Multi-strand synthetic core
  • Holds in tune better
  • Warm, delicate rich tones.
  • Ball End
  • Made in Austria
  • One of the world's best selling Violin strings
  • View our full range of Thomastik Strings or visit Thomastik's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.


Dominant 135 Medium Tension 4/4 size set of 4 strings with Aluminum E String
Dominant 135B Medium Tension 4/4 size of 4 strings with Chrome E String

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