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Thomastik Spectrum Bronze Strings

Spectrum Guitar Strings

Thomastik Strings are known as a dominant maker of orchestral strings, Thomastik have turned their talents to Guitar Strings.
Thomastik Spectrum Strings are made in Austria from Polished bronze and plain round core steel. This spectrum bronze combination along with a silk winding at the string ends makes this a premium string that delivers a deep Bass, clean midrange and an articulated high sweet spot.

Thomastik Spectrum Bronze Strings are known for their unusually full warm tone with brilliant clarity.These strings offer a more mellow, almost worn-in tone straight away sound, they even feel different, less rigid. With all the technology that has been used in the Spectrum's, it is no wonder some players refuse to use anything else.

Thomastik Spectrum bronze strings are one of a kind, making the Thomastik-infeld company different. They are committed to go after evolving preferences in timbre and technique to provide the modern musician with the tools of expression that will take their playing far to where it needs to be. This set is well worth a try!

Here's what one of our customers have said:

"These are beautiful sounding and very well made strings for picking, particularly in the more Celtic sounding tunings".
"Have to say they are simply amazing, better sound, these strings really sing, they also feel great too".
"I tried these on my cedar top ebony back and side fingerstyle guitar...I was blown away....hear the guitar and not the, spectrum bronze thomastik-infeld all the way!".

Thomastik Spectrum Bronze Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
SB110 Extra Light 10-50 010p / 014p / 022w / 030w / 041w / 050w
SB111 Light 11-52 011p / 015p / 024w / 032w / 043w / 052w
SB112 Med Light 12-54 012p / 016p / 025w / 035w / 044w / 054w
SB113 Medium 13-57 013p / 017p / 026w / 036w / 045w / 057w

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