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Thomastik Jazz Swing Strings

Thomastik Jazz Swing Strings are preferred by many Jazz greats. This string set has been praised as the greatest Nickel flat wound string set. These strings are polished to a smooth feel and a glassy look. They are precisely wound around a round core which influences the sound profoundly. It is a jazz string that delivers a perfect balance of fundamentals and overtones, perfect for traditional jazz. In the opinion of the experts, the tone gets better with age.

Thomastik Jazz Swing Strings summary:

  • Nickel strings
  • True Flat Wound for mellow sound
  • Warm powerful tones
  • Balance of fundamentals and overtone
  • Perfect for traditional Jazz.
  • Made in Austria
  • Making Strings since 1919
  • View our full range of Thomastik Strings or visit Thomastik's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.
Sku Description Gauges
JS110 Extra Light 10-44 010p / 014p / 018w / 023w / 033w / 044w
JS112 Med Light 12-50 012p / 016p / 020w / 027w / 037w / 050w
JS113 Medium 13-53 013p / 017p / 021w / 028w / 039w / 053w


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