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D'addario Nylon Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings


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  • D'addario Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings  Ireland
  • D'addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings 50-105
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D'addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Strings

D'addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Strings are Nylon Tapewound strings made with a metal core with a nylon black wrap on the outside. The strings are then polished to a glassy silky finish which gives you a very smooth feel that is soft on the fingers. The ETB92s are great for blues because of their vintage thump of an upright double bass. Tapewounds have a wide range of tones, from Blues all the way to the bright focused depth of traditional nickel flat wounds. If you're looking for that Paul McCartney tone on your bass guitar, these will take you there.

Daddario Tapewound Bass Strings are engineered to fit the standard saddles and nuts of commercially available bass guitars. They are equally great on fretless as well as fretted bass guitars.

D'addario ETB92 Tapewound Bass Strings summary:

  • Polished Black Nylon wound Tape over a steel core wire
  • Deep focus sound from a thump of an upright double bass to a traditional nickel round wound
  • Warm deep tone
  • Fits standard saddles and nuts
  • Available in short and long scale (Medium scale set available on request)
  • Made in the USA
  • Making Guitar Strings since 1918
  • View our full range of D'addario Strings or visit D'addario Strings's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.
Sku Description Gauges
ETB92S Short Scale 50-105 50w / 65w / 85w / 105w
ETB92 Long Scale 50-105 50w / 65w / 85w / 105w
ETB92-5 5-String Long Scale 50-135 50w / 65w / 85w / 105w / 135w


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