Dunlop Match Pik Nylon Plectrums


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Dunlop Match Pik

Dunlop Match Pik is a similar idea to a book of matches.  Each Match Pick pack has 6 of Dunlop's best selling Nylon Plectrums in a handy solutuion to insure you're never without your favourite pick.

Dunlop Nylon Picks have been the industry standard for many years. One of their most successful products is what people call “The Grey Picks” which groups their standard size plectrums. They are made of Nylon and are known for their reliability and endurance. The .60mm is probably the best selling plectrum of all time!

Dunlop Match Pik Summary:

  • Match book style design
  • 6 Plectrums per pack
  • High-Quality Nylon
  • Industry standard Plectrums
  • Reliable and resilient
  • Comes in a variety of gauges
  • View our full range of Dunlop or visit Dunlop's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.

Dunlop Match Pik And Us... is an authorised dealer of Dunlop, we source our products from official distributors to guarantee you the quality guitarists expect.



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