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Martin Marquis Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


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  • Martin Marquis Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Martin Marquis Strings

Martin Marquis Strings offer a distinct advantage over traditional 80/20 bronze strings by incorporating silk wraps around the ball end, which serve to safeguard the instrument's bridge. This feature is particularly advantageous for valuable or vintage guitars, as it effectively mitigates rapid bridge wear. Additionally, these strings provide enhanced stability for loose bridge pins.

Furthermore, the Martin Marquis Strings deliver a rich, mellow tone with a crisp attack, owing to their construction with top-quality tin-plated SP core wire and bronze alloy wrapping. This composition results in a brighter, warmer sound that maintains its clarity and brightness for an extended duration, thanks to the high-quality materials used.

Martin Marquis Strings Summary:

Sku Description Gauges
MA170S Extra Light 10-47 010p / 014p / 023w / 030w / 039w / 047w
MA175S Custom Light 11-52 011p / 015p / 023w / 032w / 042w / 052w
MA130S Silk & Steel 11.5-47 011.5p / 014p / 023w / 028w / 038w / 047w
MA140S Light 12-54 012p / 016p / 025w / 032w / 042w / 054w
MA150S Medium 13-56 013p / 017p / 026w / 035w / 045w / 056w

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