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  • Quickdraw Sliding Capo Ireland
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Quick draw Capo

The Quick Draw Capo is the fastest sliding capo on the market.
Designed by Steve Kaufman in 1991 to help acoustic guitarists move their capos for quick key changes. Also known as the sliding session capo the Quick draw Capo will adjust to your guitar and once fitted can stay permanently attached so it's always available.
Quick Draw capos won't damage your instrument and will slide quickly with one hand over the strings to change key even as you are playing, they're designed to be quick.

Quickdraw capos have the lowest profile in the market which means it won't get in the way of your fingers as you're playing. Made of 0 friction plastic to guarantee a smooth sliding action across your strings and frets. Available for Guitar, Classical guitar, Bouzouki, banjo and Mandolin.

Please note: The difference between the instrument versions of the quick draw capo is simply their size. A Classical Guitar would have a wider neck girth than a regular steel strung guitar, so the Quick Draw Classical Capo is a little longer to accommodate that. Unfortunately every instrument is different & no two are the same when it comes to their neck profiles. While the Quick draw capo will fit most instruments there are some it just will not work on.

Length of Capo Sections for Fretboard/Neck

Quick Draw Classical Capo: 80mm + 65mm
Quick Draw Guitar Guitar Capo: 70mm + 60mm
Quick Draw Bouzouki Capo: 70mm + 55mm
Quick Draw Banjo/Mandolin Capo: 65mm + 45mm

Quick Draw Capo Summary

  • The no.1 Sliding Guitar Capo
  • Very fast to move with one hand
  • It doesn't need to be removed - sits over the nut when not in use
  • Slides to any key position quick!

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