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Rotosound 66 Swing Bass Guitar Strings


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Rotosound 66 Bass Strings

Rotosound 66 Bass Strings have a long history. They are responsible for what we now call “standard” gauges. The standard came to be because John Entwistle (the Who's bass player) didn't like the way his E and A strings sounded. He took his concern to James How and together they solved the problem.

Rotosound 66 Bass Strings aside from having the correct gauge and core diameter to make our strings vibrate better are a string that is bright and punchy. They deliver high energy for rock music, but are great with all kinds of musical styles. They are available in stainless steel or nickel round wound. This makes them crisp and easy to play with a long sustain.

Rotosound 66 Bass Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
RS66LC Medium Stainless Steel 40-95 40w / 50w / 75w / 95w
RS665LC Medium Stainless Steel 5-STRING 40-125 40w / 60w / 75w / 95w / 125w
SM66N Hybrid Stainless Steel 40-100 40w / 60w / 80w / 100w
SM66 Hybrid Stainless Steel 40-100 40w / 60w / 80w / 100w
RS66LN Standard Nickel 45-100 45w / 65w / 80w / 100w
RS66LDN Standard Nickel 45-105 45w / 65w / 85w / 105w
RS66LD Standard Nickel Double Ball End 45-105 45w / 65w / 80w / 105w
RS66LE Heavy Stainless Steel 50-110 50w / 70w / 85w / 110w


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