Rotosound 88 Tru Bass Guitar Strings


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Rotosound 88 Bass Strings 

Rotosound 88 Bass Strings has a black nylon flat wound wrapping. This makes your electric bass guitar sound like a double bass. This is actually why back in 62, James How made these strings; Double bass players wanted to use an electric bass but couldn't get the tone they were after. With a booming low sound, these strings are perfect for dub, reggae and jazz. Anywhere you need a well defined low end.

With low tension, they are very easy to play with smooth feel without sacrificing tone or making the strings feel floppy. Great on any instrument and gentle with your frets. They are particularly good on a fretless bass.

Rotosound 88 Bass Strings Tru Guitar summary:

  • Black Nylon Flat wound wrapping
  • booming well-defined bottom end
  • Smooth and easy on your hands and your instrument
  • Good for fretless instruments
  • Made in England
  • Making Guitar Strings since 1959
  • View our full range of Rotosound Strings or visit Rotosound's Website for more details on their extensive range of strings.


RS88LD 65 / 75 / 100 / 115

RS88S (Short Scale) 65 / 75 / 100 / 115

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