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Rotosound 77 Jazz Bass Guitar Strings


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Rotosound 77 Bass Strings

Rotosound 77 Bass Strings are one of the first strings in the world that had a diagonally-flat wound string. Made with Monel, a vintage alloy made up of Nickel and Copper which delivers great resistance to corrosion and is able to stand a lot of tension. The Monel provides the player with a warm round sound with a smooth feel. It delivers a deep tone with a bit of upper harmonic bite.

Rotosound 77 Bass Strings are still made by hand with machines built at the end of the 1960's, with all this history, the Jazz Bass 77 do not disappoint. They have been endorsed by artist like Roger Waters and Steve Harris.

Rotosound 77 Bass Strings summary:

Sku Description Gauges
RS77S Short Scale 40-90 40w / 50w / 75w / 90w
SM77 SM77 40-100 40w / 60w / 80w / 100w
RS77LD RS77LD 45-105 45w / 65w / 85w / 105w
RS77LE RS77LE 50-110 50w / 75w / 95w / 110w


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